relationships therapy san franciscoAs a Marriage and Family Therapist, relationships are Michael’s primary focus. Romantic relationships can give us the happiest moments in our lives, and they often give us our most trying and painful moments–but for most of us at various times they are a necessary part of life.

The way we relate with our partners has so much to do with how we related to our primary caregivers as children, but most of us are unconscious actors, reenacting old dramas and getting the same results. We picked our partners because they have the same characteristics, both good and bad, as those same caregivers–and unconsciously we are looking to heal ourselves.

Michael enjoys working with couples in therapy and help them overcome blaming and criticizing behaviors to be able to be there for their partner and actually help heal these childhood wounds. When communication is strengthened, the blaming and criticizing behaviors disappear and intimacy is increased, making for a more fulfilling relationship.

Michael can also see you for individual psychotherapy to help you better cope with your relationship and help you understand your inherit rights in your relationship, which is the first step in setting boundaries.

Family relationships are often no less difficult, and in our culture, dysfunctional families are the norm. Broken families and estrangement are but a symptom of individual’s inability to communicate and resolve conflicts. The individualistic nature of American society encourages egocentric behaviors that are often the death knell for families. Personality disorders are increasingly common in today’s society. Michael can help you change your approach to dealing with your family, and help you learn to accept things that you really have no control over.

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